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Monday, October 12, 2009

Dad's visit

At the beginning of September, my Dad and a family friend made the long trip all the way to visit us in Japan! It was so good to see them and in my own home! I met them in Tokyo while some awesome friends kept the kids. Craig was in the middle of an exercise and didn't get to go with me or go on any of our adventures.

Tokyo Tower... We rode in an elevator to the white band and could see all the way to Mt Fuji which my Dad and friend hiked! They said it was amazing!
One side of the tower...

We got to explore Tokyo, which we hadn't had a chance to do. I was able to navigate the subway and trains without too much trouble and was quite proud of myself. We went to the Imperial Palace's West Gardens which were beautiful. Though we didn't get to see much as we had been running around all day and they were hiking Mt Fuji the next day.

Imperial Gardens

I took them to the fish market one of the days they were here,which they loved. We took home a bunch of yummy treats and some crab. They sampled some dried minnow looking things and tried to get me to try it but I wouldn't bite!

Squid heads
Craig and Bailey on a long train ride
We took them to the Samurai Village about 2 hours by train. Craig actually got to come with us!
Straw roof...
The gate next to the gate. Austin size!
Sake barrels
outside a ramen shop

Samurai tea room...
Samurai garden/backyard. It was beautiful!

Austin and my Dad
Sleepy baby. :) I tried my best to wear them out with outings which think I succeeded in doing. They also went to a town where they wanted to see some snow monkeys. They made it there and back without getting lost, which was great because I wouldn't have been able to get them back. They got to see a bunch of moneys and spent the night in a hostel there. It was a true Japanese style home and they got a great japanese meal out of it too. When they were walking back to the bus they saw a monkey throwing fire crackers!!!
It was a great visit and we were all sad to see them go. The time was way too short!

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