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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What I love....

What I Love about my almost 4 year old....

I am taking this from my cousin's wife Megan. Thanks Megan this is so neat!

1. I love how interested in his letters he is. He is always asking "How do you
spell ___? "

2. I love how he still likes to snuggle and will ask to.

3. I love his little gremlin laugh, you should hear it some time.

4. I love that he is so willing to help me with Bailey. Normally getting
something I need for her, or putting her Binky in her mouth.

5. I Love that he stays in his room when he wakes up in the mornings
and lets us sleep "in".

6. I love how he knows which songs he likes and which ones he doesn't
just by the beginning notes. He tells us not this one... this one!

7.I love that he likes Johnny Cash- Ring of Fire and Tim Mc Graw-
Dancing When the Stars Go Blue to name two.

8. I Love how he asks to do a lot of stuff before he does it. Like "Mom can I
drink your drink" or "Mom can I play with this?" I am hoping he
continues to do this for years to come.

9. I love that he loves his sister and loves to play, hug, kiss and talk to her.

10. I love how hard he can make me laugh with his silly antics

11. I love how he knows our names and he knows that both sets of
grandparents are our parents and which ones go to which.
He will tell us something like.... "Will you ask your Mom ...."
talking about me and my mom!

12. I Love how excited he gets right before he gets to talk to Craig
on the phone when Craig is gone.


ALLISON said...

This is such a sweet thing to do and I loved reading it! By the way, Lloyd and I drove through your hometown today! :) Miss you!

3greenbeans said...

Awww, I loved reading these. That's so neat that he is asking how to spell words! What a smarty, that Austin. Tell everyone we said "hi"!