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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Melt down

Another story without a picture....

I have been trying to get Bailey down for the past hour. I tried feeding and she was full. I tried burping,swaddling, and rocking. She was ok with it but it just wasn't It. I tried giving her teething tabs and that wasn't it. Oh and by the way she IS teething! I tried the swing which she normally likes and OMG she screamed like a banshee! Her special blanket was in the dryer so I put the other blanket that is so incredibly soft on her and she screamed louder. So I pulled the blanket out of the dryer and laid it on her and SILENCE.... the instant it touched her!!!!!! I thought I got it when I said she doesn't like to sleep without the blanket but now I really do get it. So I am sucking it up and buying three more.


mikeandmelissafisher said...

It's just like Preston! Is it the pink/black blanket in the pics? Hey, I'd buy more too :) Good luck w/ that.

misha said...

No, it isn't that cute, oh so soft blanket below. That was the one I tried to use.