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Monday, September 25, 2006

Settling in

This is a picture of our home for the time being. It is in a nice neighborhood which is about 10 minutes from the base. Austin loves going up and down the stairs. Molly is the only one who hasn't mastered the stairs! She trips on them every time she goes up them. The cats love racing up and down them.

There is a little pond down the street where three ducks and a lot of turtles live. We walk down there some morniings to watch them. Austin loved the duckies.

This is Austin's new bike, he can almost ride it.

The only thing not all dried out in our backyard.
He is getting verry good at throwing things. This is his favorite ball.
Wonder where he gets this from?
He just scared the cat from the window.
This is buttercup. Austin calls her Pretty Pretty Kitty Kitty.

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ALLISON said...

That house is adorable! And I can't believe how big Austin is getting... I miss you both!