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Sunday, March 13, 2011

A year already!!!

Has it really been a year?! Oh my, I guess it has! So sorry to have been away this long, thankfully I have kept up in pictures. In fact, at the start of the year I decided to do a picture a day. I know I won't get every day but will be close. I'll post some of my favorites on here and also will try to be much better about getting this updated...

Ok so lets go back in time... We left Japan in April, which was pretty hard for us. We loved Japan and the people there. I think I cried off and on the whole way to the US. These pictures are of our favorite things in Japan. I wish I had been able to take more of my favorites but with everything going on this was what I got.

Craig's last flight in the F-16 (for now.)
Curry, oh how I miss the curry there!!!
Komaki onsen- this hot spring had a hotel built around it. It was so pretty with the pools inside and out and it also had a massage parlor and restaurant.

Austin's japanese school, such wonderful teachers and students!!
Our all-time favorite restaurant. Aburi-An


ALLISON said...

Whoa, can this really be true? Your blog post popped up in my blog feed and I couldn't believe my eyes!! Yay and welcome back! :)

Jennifer said...

Is that pic from Daiichi taken in the new building? I don't recognize the yellow door!! :)

Oh and LOVE your hair in that drinking picture! :)