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Thursday, June 25, 2009


I am procrastinating on organizing our office and am finally catching you up on all the happenings in our little world. We have had a busy few months since Craig got back and will have a busy rest of the year, so keep checking back! 

These first pictures are from various walks around our neighborhood. I love looking at how neat they keep everything!

These are my tulips that 2 previous owners planted. 

I had to get the sewer tops! 

We went on a long walk and I knew Austin wouldn't last that long and he is riding with our friends dog. 
This was from Memorial Day where Craig got to fly  in a Fly Over. 

This was from bonfire night on a beach off base, a bunch of people from our squadron got together and had a bunch of fun being pyros. The cops and firemen showed up and put out the fire. One of the guys with us was able to talk to the Japanese cops and straighten things out. Oh, and the food in the picture above is a beef bowl (sts). It is so yummy!!! 

The next set of pictures are of rice fields being planted. I'll try to get pictures as they harvest it. 

Green hills, which is a great ski area, so I am told.
First time doing pig tails! 

Crazy Hair!

This set of pictures is from us watching and participating in some drifting. It is basically cars racing on a track and instead of slowing down on the turns they drift on the turns. We got to ride along we had a blast!!!

Pardon my bra!
The car we rode in...

This is from Austin's field trip with his class. 
Snow monkeys...
rides, petting zoo, and nature, what a great trip!
Austin making a vase on Father's Day, too bad Craig was in Alaska. 
Bailey after her bath, she gets the curls from Nina...
the back view.
We have been exploring a little more with friends now that I am not pregnant and it isn't freezing out! This is a park by our house, Austin is becoming a little more adventurous and Bailey is not a fan of grass.

This day after the park we went to a sushi restaurant where you pay by the plate. The plates are color coded and have a certain price for each color. If you want something you don't see on the belt you can order it off the monitor and a little train brings it out!

Today was a beautiful day and we spent it with friends at the beach by our house. Sadly Austin didn't get to go with us because he was in school. Hopefully next time. 
It took some time before Bailey would sit in the water without whining. The water was cold, so I don't blame her.  She was pretty funny and wouldn't get off the beach towel I had laying out because she didn't like the feel of the sand. She crawled from the towel up onto a friends lawn chair and onto our friends back, where she camped out.  We realized that she was doing it to avoid the sand. 

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