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Friday, November 21, 2008

Adventures with Grandparents

The Kids have been loving all the attention from their grandparents. My Dad took a few weeks off and has been having a blast with the kids. He has been taking them to the park most afternoons and it has given me some free time! 

There are a couple of parks near our house. One of them has a pond and some ducks and geese. The ducks came up to my Dad and Austin and started to follow them. Austin didn't like them following them and took off running. They still followed them and Dad had to put him up on a picnic bench. Dad feed the ducks and Bailey watched and giggled. 
This one Austin calls the bloody duck. I think because of the red on it's face. This one is also an aggressive one, the one that scared Austin. 

Getting ready for the ride.
This is not one dealing with the park but it was cute. I was over at Craig's parents house
with the kids,  sitting out with his grandparents and parents hanging out. I found this seat in Japan and thought is would be good for the bath. As you can see it is also good for other stuff.
Today Austin and my Dad went flying with Papa (Craig's Dad) to breakfast, and they both had a great time. Austin has been asking to go since before we left. I am sorry to say, I didn't get any pictures. I rushed out the door and forgot my camera... maybe next time.  

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