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Monday, October 20, 2008

4 months and growing

This has been an interesting month for us. Bailey is now 4 months old and she is such a great little girl. She is starting to eat cereal and doesn't like it much, I think she just likes chewing the spoon. I get it in her mouth and she spits it out and motor boats her mouth! Sooo messy! She is almost rolling over, she grabs her feet and rolls to the side.   

She loves to watch and laugh at her brother. Bailey also loves to "talk to us", where does she get that from I wonder?! 

We will be headed to Texas  soon and we can't wait!
Craig also deployed this month and we are trying to adjust to him not being here. We have been real busy trying to get ready for the trip and also just trying to pass the time. There is a great support system here and they help keep us busy too. :)

 I will try to post some more pictures before we leave.


ALLISON said...

Awh...so sweet. I hope you have a safe trip to Texas and that you're doing okay with Craig gone.

3greenbeans said...

We can't wait to meet Bailey! She's beautiful and has the same expressions as Austin, so cute!