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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Smart Kid

No pictures today just a little tale of our curious little boy.
Austin's nap time routine goes like this....
We get home from school, he has a snack. He goes potty, washes his hands and gets in bed. I say good night and we are done. Nothing exciting right....

Well, today we got home from school, he had his snack and took forever in the bathroom. I went to check on him and he is standing there doing nothing at the sink. The faucet handle is all the way up and no water is coming out. Hummmm.

My little genius had reached under the sink and turned the water off! I had thought for a second that our water had been turned off by our land lord. (Yes, i went and checked the other bathroom!) I tell him to go potty and when I go back to check on him he has turned the water back on and is washing his hands like a good little boy.
Now I want to know where he comes up with these ideas???!

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