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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Two weeks old.....

Bailey is now a little over two weeks old and we are totally enjoying her.
She is awake about twice a night for about an hour, hour and a half which we don't love but could be worse. At her 2 weeks appointment she weighed 8.93 lbs and 20.91. Who knew they could shrink!

Austin adores his sister, he wants to hold and "pet" her. He lets me know if she is crying and loves to come and help me get her out of her crib. We were at a friends house and a friend was holding Bailey. She said something like she is so cute I just want to keep her. Austin sort of yelled at her: NO, she is my baby! You can't keep her!!!!! So he is already protective of her. :)

I love this face!

I think this photo above is my favorite so far.

Kuma checking Bailey out. I love how she is sleeping!

Ok so for some randomness.....The first night in the hospital I had one of the Veggie Tale songs stuck in my head and kept getting it stuck in Craigs too.


Anonymous said...

She's beautiful! Hope you are recover well!

ALLISON said...

She looks like her mama and is just precious. I wish I could be there!! Miss you.