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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Catch up.....

These are from our trip this weekend to Okunakayama. This is a watch out for Beavers sign and the one below is for bear. We had no idea there were either here.

You never know what you are ordering unless you know how to read the language. Maybe I will learn one day. This was a tofu platter, the sauce and rice was pretty good. I though it was a chicken dish because that is what someone who had ordered it said!

Eating lunch in the ski lodge.

This was a monster playground on the road there. It is all metal and old school.... if we had these back in the states someone would be making lots of money suing for damaged children! Notice the 4 feet of snow at the bottom.

The end of a long day!

Nothing to do with skiing but isn't she cute!

This past week we had blizzard like conditions and the wind was bad. that snow was blown onto our window and stuck there.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like it is so pretty there! I'm totally jealous!:) Miss ya!