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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ice Skating

This weekend we took Austin ice skating and he had a blast. I can not go which stinks but I had fun taking pictures.

Austin started out having Craig push him around.

Someone throwing a fit about who knows what. The fact that Daddy tried to hold his hands instead of pushing him?

Austin saw an escape and took it. He was having fun and just thought the box looked interesting.

Progress! He went all the way around holding the wall and Craig's hand.

He was trying to taste the wall. He ran his hand along the wall and got some"snow" on his glove and then into his mouth it went. Ewwww! Oh and the skates were the OLD ones which have no ankle support. It was sooo funny watching them walk. I kept waiting for Craig's ankles to snap as they would bend sideways and almost touch the floor. I will try for pictures next time!

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