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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

First day of pre-school

This is from Austin's first day of school. Below is what he takes his lunch in. The white thing in the blue cup is his wash cloth. They use this instead of paper towels and they have them at every restaurant for you to use.

This is his lunch bag....

These are his inside shoes which only get worn on the hard wood floors.

This is how you spell his name in Japanese, first and last. I only know how to write his first.

This is his Smock. They use it for eating and other messy stuff.

Austin put his socks on all by himself. They are a little sideways but on!


3greenbeans said...

That is too funny (and smart)....inside shoes!!

ALLISON said...

Oh, I miss you Misha. And the kid. :) It's so much fun reading about and getting to "picture" your new life in Japan. All I can say is more, more, more... I don't think you could possibly put up too many photos of Japan. Love ya.