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Thursday, May 24, 2007


My mom was in town this week and we decided to go on a cave tour.

This picture of the trees was us going down into the cave.

This one was of water dripping out of the "straws" on the ceiling. This one was a huge rock that you could touch. The water won't flow over the rock anymore because of the oils from people touching it. It now has a pool of water in it and if you stick your fingers in the water you can not see where they went.
This one above I think is called "Baby Molars".

The one above is of a huge water fall. It was so pretty.
This was from an imagination room. They had different names for different formations. This one was from Little Shop of Horrors. Do you see it?

Craig carried Austin in his backpack the whole tour. Unfortunately Craig had to bend down and walk with him in it. It was pretty funny. I had to help steer him and make sure they didn't bonk their heads. Poor Craig. Had had to walk like that for 20 feet or so.
This picture above from the imagination room is that of a skeleton or ghost.

This is of a 30 foot hole that went up to the top.

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