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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Random Pictures from New Years

So this is from our trip to Dallas over Christmas. Sorry I am a little slow getting these up...

We spent the day with Craig's parents and Papa let Austin check out the plane. I tried to get a picture of them in it but as you can see this is as close as I got.

This is a favorite of mine.

We spent New Years Eve as we do everyone. With some good friends, no child! This is Maggie and I have known her since before I meet Craig.


This is Holly and she is also a good friend. In this pic is a neat invention for you beer drinkers :) It helps everything go down faster.

This is Zach we have been friends since my Sr year of high school and Craig went to high school with him. This is Maggie's new puppy. She is so cute.

Nina made this for Austin and we LOVE it. It holds his trucks and planes. Well i guess this is it for now. I should be posting more later this week once I download it all. Happy viewing!