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Friday, January 05, 2007

"Home" for the holidays

We went to Fort Worth for Christmas as we do every year. Austin and I took Amtrack and Craig drove up three days later. Austin had a blast on the train and was so good. It was a bla day as we took of and as we went along it got more foggy and then started to rain by the time we got to the last stop.
We had a little guide from San Antonio who told us all about the stops we had. I love these kind of buildings.

This is in Austin I think.
This is Craig's brother Nicholas. Austin has taken to calling him Uncle Nini.

This is the second of the brothers. This is Uncle Bubby/ Uncle Ryran and to the rest Ryan.

These are Craig's parents, Nina and Papa. Austin loves them and their pool. :)

Little cat naps are best when not bothered by the camera. I am sure they will love this being up on my blog.

This is Craig's youngest brother. Uncle Paddy. Austin loves riding, chasing, climbing, and all sorts of other things with him.

We went up to Craig's grandparents. Unfortunately Craig wasn't able to join us. His cousins and Aunt made it up there too.

The "kids" playing football.

Pretty sky!

My favorite pictures to take are those in black and white.

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ALLISON said...

Aw. Fun pictures! They really tell a story. Miss you!