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Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Zoo

My Mom and Dad came to town for Thanksgiving and spent 5 days with us. Craig had to go to work so we spent part of the day at the San Antonio Zoo. We had to make it a part day because Austin had to nap at some point. Silly Naps.

This is My dad. He and My mom (which you won't see many pictures of)
loved showing Austin all the animals which let me take many pictures.

My Dad and Austins' favorite animal was the monkey. One day my Dad wants one. Poor mom her hands would be full!
This turtle one was taken in a very dark room and i was in a bit of a hurry. I was trying to figure out how to take it with out the glare. I got that part now I just need to focus. lol
I love this one, it was in the same room as the turtle and to me this fish looked kind of a dull, a dark blue maybe. Well i guess not! No glare. I was amazed. :) I think my favorite pictures to take are animals and scenery.

This was a leopard and I couldn't get the focus just right. I am trying everything manual.
Mom, Dad and Austin feeding the fishes. Many fishies there were!
He got tired of me taking his picture.
My Moms doing! Blech
These little guys were a part of a neat thing I have never seen. You go into this enclosure and it if full of these little guys. You can feed them and hold them on your arms. I was fetching lunch and didn't get any good pictures. All i got was bird Poo on my shirt and arm.The End

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